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You have hair solutions aimed not at filling spaces but only at lending a certain look not achievable with the existing hair. For instance you wish to sport bangs for a performance or a party, you won't need to get your curls cut in bothersome fringes. You get the clip in bangs and put them on. Same with others like pony swing hair pieces, mono wigs, hidden circles, hidden illusions, system tops, easy part, easy fringe, easy fall and many others to boot. Even if you want a give section of your hair a textured look you can now get it without letting your hair through the breaking heat and chemical treatment.Hair that Cares, Inc. is a non-profit organization that grants medical wigs to financially deprived adults and children who suffer from medical related hair loss including chemotherapy Patients, Progeria and Alopecia Areata sufferers who do not have medical insurance, denied cranial prosthesis coverage with Household Income (HHI) under $30k yearly. Partial grant awards are also offered to recipients HHI under $50k yearly.

Full Lace Front Wigs
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