Stock Spanish Wave Hairstyle Brazilian Virgin Hair Silk Top Lace Front Wig Free Parting
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Style : Spanish Wave
Silk Top Lace Front Wig
Natural Healthy
Natural Looking

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Daily Care of Human Hair Wigs

Special Features

High Quality Lace Wigs  - Focusing on high quality market only, offering our customers quality human hair wigs.

Premium Human Hair Only - The material BelleWigs has been using is carefully selected 100% unprocessed premium virgin remy  human hair, never colored or dyed.

Hair Cuticle 100% Intact - Without any over-processing during production. All hair cuticle is kept 100% intact and aligned. Natural, Healthy and Dynamic!

Super Long Lasting Wigs - According to washing test, also feedbacks from some faithful customers, our wigs have been recognized as long lasting and durable, free from shedding and tangling.

Can be further dyed freely - All the virgin color hair from BelleWigs can be dyed  freely, even the lightest blonde is available.

How to measure your head size?  |  How to install a lace front wig?


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Human Hair Type:
Selected 100% Premium Brazilian Virgin Hair
Cap Construction:
4"x4" silk top lace front cap
Hair Style:
Spanish Wave
Free Style, Free Parting
Baby Hair:
Fine Natural-looking Baby Hair
Natural Hairline
Hair Density:
130% Medium Density
Hair Color:
Natural Color
Hair Length:
Available From 14" to 20"
If you want hair density or hair length other than listed above, please contact us
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Human hair lace front wigs best seller

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malaysian lace front wigs,affordable silk top full lace wigs,cheap full lace wigs. Going bald in inevitable for some men. This however does not mean that you cannot make yourself look better. Wigs and a viable option especially Lace wigs due to their natural character will easily blend in with your previous hair making you look even sharp. Just like in women it is not easily noticeable and saves you public embarrassment. You can add to this camouflage by dying the whole hair to a similar color and this increase greatly your chance of going unnoticed.Having a lace wig does not mean that you are now grounded to one styling. Hair is made up of Protein known as keratin plus amino acids. Hair is every body’s needed it. It’s a part of everybody’s life but women mainly grow the hair on their head long while men cut theirs short. The hair colour is a type of hair pigment. These pigments are melanin types, formed inside the hair follicle and packed into granules found in the fibers. Hair grows everywhere in the body structure. They follow a specific growth cycle with Anagen, Catagen, and Telogen phases. The textures of hair are oily and dry. Poor nutrition and unbalanced diet are the main cause of unhealthy hair. Hair transplant strategies, for example punch grafts, minigrafts, micrografts, slit or strip grafts, are available to treat androgenetic alopecia when more-conservative measures have failed. During these methods, a dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon takes tiny plugs of skin, each and every containing one to a few hairs, from the back or sides of your scalp. The plugs are then implanted into the bald sections. Several transplant sessions could be needed, as hereditary hair loss progresses with time.

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