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Best Seller Light Yaki 100% Premium Chinese Virgin Hair Silk Top Lace Front Wig
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Style : Light Yaki

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Human Hair Type:
Selected 100% Premium Chinese Virgin Hair
Cap Construction:
4"x4" silk top lace front cap
Hair Style:
Light Yaki
Free Style, Free Parting
Baby Hair:
Fine Natural-looking Baby Hair
Natural Hairline
Hair Density:
120% Medium Density
Hair Color:
Natural Color
Hair Length:
Available From 14" to 18"
If you want hair density or hair length other than listed above, please contact us
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full lace wigs

human hair silk top lace front wigs,best lace front wigs,affordable silk top full lace wigs.from all over my head! I did not know what to do. I was forced to come to the realization that this process, whatever it was, had began. Either I deal with this now, or, not comb my hair for a while and pretend it wasn't happening, but I knew that whenever I started to comb again, I would be pulling out bigger and bigger clumps of hair. I decided what the heck! The sooner I get it all out, the sooner I can decide what to do about what's left. After nearly a week of this, it finally stopped. Yep! I was practically bald. There were strands hair on the crown of my head and my sides looked as if they had been shaved as far back as behind my ears. The lower back of my head came through this ordeal pretty good though. Not much missing there. Yes, you guessed it. Wigs and caps became by best friends for the next few months. Why that long, you might ask. In the most ordinary type of hair loss, present at birth hair loss (androgenetic alopecia), men tend to lose hair on the front hairline and brow and on top of the head. Eventually, only hair about the ears, the sides, and back of the head remains.Treatment of Hair LossIf hair loss is caused by a provisional state of affairs such as medication, stress or inadequate iron, however, however, the hair loss will stop when its cause ends.Hair loss due to illness may require oral antibiotics or antifungals. Alopecia areata can be treated with injection of steroids such as triamcinolone into the area. For all of the causes, early treatment works the best.Home Remedies for Hair LossAmla oil ready by boiling dry piece of amla in coconut oil is careful a valuable hair tonic. This is a very simplest and best natural remedy for hair loss.

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Best Seller Light Yaki 100% Premium Chinese Virgin Hair Silk Top Lace Front Wig