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Short hairstyles are mostly decided by your personality and shape of your face. The main thing that you should keep in mind is the type of curls you have. You can first consult your hairstylist about what length you want to get a short haircut done. You will get satisfaction when yours and the stylists wavelength matches, and the end result will be a superb haircut. Texture is the most essential part of these hairstyles. Always make sure that your hairstylist is aware of creating the right amount of texture in your short hair. Your hairstylist will be having a catalog of curly hairstyles. You can refer it and choose a suitable hairstyle for your hair.Black hair tends to be naturally dry and must be moisturized regularly. Most oils and moisturizing products do not effectively moisturize black hair, because they cannot penetrate the hair shaft. Water based moisturizers and coconut oil can penetrate the hair shaft more easily.If you find that your hair is still dry and lifeless no matter how many products you have tried, then the potential culprit may be the hard water supplied in the shower. In this case, use bottled water for the final rinse after shampoo.For cleaning: Beat an egg in a cup of the skimmed milk. When the foam becomes consistent, rub it into the scalp. Leave it on for 5 minutes. Wash and then rinse hair thoroughly with water. Carry out this routine twice a week.Oily scalp: It is a very common problem. People find their hair oily even without applying oil at all. You can test if your scalp is oily. Rub a tissue paper on the scalp and see it is oily. If it is, then you have to take certain steps to deal with this kind of scalp. Check the kind of shampoo you are using.

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