Some of the following questions are frequently asked by the buyers. There are also some helpful tips we raised from previous problems and lessons. Pls view the video or read the following carefully, it will be of help to give you proper advice.

How to measure your head size?

How to bleached knots of human hair wigs?

Daily Care of human hair wigs?

How to install a lace front wigs?

What makes a good full lace wig?
Besides good quality hair, the technician's skill is very important to make the wig natural and comfortable. We use skillful workers only. Also good quality control and testing at last will prevent inferior wigs to be sent out.

Swiss lace and French lace
Swiss lace is very fine and delicate, thus almost undetectable. Compared with Swiss lace, French lace is slightly tough and thicker, but also wearable. We recommend Swiss lace.

Thin skin
Thin skin is a virgin material known as polyurethane. It's much less noticeable than lace. The whole cap can be made with thin skin. It can be added to the perimeter of the wig with lace throughout the rest.

What kind of hair is used?
All the wigs we offer are made of 100% high quality human hair. We only select the top quality hair to use. The most commonly used hair is Indian remy. We also offer Chinese remy, Malaysian hair, Mongolian hair, Brazilian hair and European hair.

Bleached Knots
Typically all of our stock units come with bleached knots at the perimeter. Further bleaching knots by yourself is not recommended. Improper handling will damage the hair and cause it to shed.

Knot sealer
Unless otherwise specified, on all our units the knots are properly sealed. Pls do tell yours customers not to use knot sealer on our unit any more. It may cause damage to the hair.

Proper care
When not in use, better store your wig on a mannequin or wig stand to maintain its shape. Pls do not use sticky liquid on the hair which may cause tangling. Frequency of cleaning will depend on your environment.

Proper washing
Use mild shampoo to wash the hair. Do comb the hair smooth before putting it into the water. The hair should be washed by hand with care. And pls follow the direction from root to end. And pls keep in mind not to get the hair wet too long. Otherwise the knots will soak with water and become loose after dry. Then it will become shedding.

How to maintain the beautiful wave/curl
Our wave or curl is done permanent. But good care is important to keep it last longer. Pls lay the hair on a flat place instead of hanging it straight.

Hair dying
Pls remember only hair in natural color can be dyed freely. If the hair is already colored, such as #1, #1B, #2..., certain rules must be followed when coloring. For example, color#1B can only be colored into #1, lighter colors can be dyed into darker colors, color #1 can not be further dyed... Pls ask a professional colorist for that.