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Many medical authorities view thinning hair as a cosmetic issue which means that your treatment expenses may not be covered.Minoxidil (or Rogaine, as it is commercially known) began as a treatment for high blood pressure. It evolved into a popular scalp treatment when physicians noticed that it also promoted hair growth. It isn't known exactly how minoxidil helps hair growth, but it seems to stop or slow hair loss and promote a little new growth. The product is massaged onto the scalp two times a day and has been proven to re-grow hair in up to 25 percent of users.Minoxidil seems to be most effective at the crown and least effective around the face, while the hair it grows is fuzzy and probably finer than the stuff you lost. If you stop using the product, you lose whatever new hair appeared.You will soon find out that there are websites where natural solutions against hair loss are presented and that you can order such products easily over the Internet, waiting for them to be delivered to the address that you have specified in the first place. The prices are not very high and the results are just as you would normally expect from such a product.Whether this is the first time you are searching for an efficient hair loss treatment or you have used the Internet for such purposes before, you should know a few basic things. When you are using the web in order to find details on hair loss & treatments, you ought not to be quick in reading everything from everywhere. Reserve yourself for a few good websites and preferably those that have products for sale as well.

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