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1. To get started you need to do is determine where you want the weave and how you want to style the hair. The second thing you need to do is start placing your braids in the appropriate places. Make sure you sew down the ends of any braids that are too long. If you or the person's hair you are doing is too short to put in braids then you will need to use a different technique for making wefts. Wefts are the foundation that you will be sewing the hair on.Over-shampooing, or shampooing every day, can strip hair of the natural oils that keep it healthy; however, if you struggle with limp, lifeless hair, the accumulated oils can weigh you down even more. Dry shampoo soaks up excess grease without over-drying your hair, and it gives a soft hold. Spray it at the roots, and style as desired. Teasing with a comb near your roots, and then smoothing hair over with a short-bristled brush can give even the droopiest hair a nice lift, however the process can cause damage and breakage. Try back-combing with a flat backed brush for a similar effect, and fewer consequences. Of course, the right cut and style for your hair can go a long way. Layers add movement to heavy textures, while blunt cuts make fine hair appear thicker. It's best to discuss your needs, noting good and bad cuts you've had, with your hairstylist. In between cuts, move your part around, so that your roots stand taller.You can attain longer lasting volume, not to mention extra length and density, by asking your hairstylist to apply pre bonded or micro ring extensions to your natural hair.

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