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This is especially important in the top and frontal area as this is where the hair must flow naturally and the way the lace is configured hair direction will be affected if the lace is not placed correctly. Once the wig maker has the cap completed they can do a final fitting to be sure the fit is correct and the front is smooth and tight. If adjustments need to be done this is the time to do it and a final fitting can be done just to check. Once the cap is finished the wig maker can now begin ventilating the hair into the base. This is done with a hooked ventilating needle that can be gauged to pick up as many hairs as needed for a section of the wig. For example in the back and side areas the wig maker may use a needle that picks up 2 to 4 hairs for the knot. This allows for volume without having to fill in quite so many holes in the lace. The wig maker will usually start at the nape area and work up on the back of the wig followed by the sides and then working on the top. Once the wig maker gets to the top and front area they will usually switch their ventilating needle to only pick up one hair for each knot.Lace wig cap size is important to get a customized unit, especially for individuals who've hair loss, severe Alopecia or are bald. While a lot of non-customized updates are accessible 1 size fits all, the option of massive, medium, and smaller are characteristically presented with a personalized unit. In addition, it's advantageous to know your circumference head size to make certain you're buying a lace wig that will fit effectively.

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