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Ask any fashion conscious woman around you, and you will find that you might just be the only one who didn't know about it.|Do you want to know why laser hair removal treatment becoming so popular these days Of course you do; but then you already know. It is because it works. That simple. It works so well that people can not keep their backs on it any longer... not if they have hairs on parts of their body that they do not want. And you know there are a lot of people who do.|The ease and painlessness with which laser hair removal can be carried out on a patient is widely celebrated in both the medical and in the secular communities, to say the least. Added to that is the fact that it is quick and painless for the patient, and the results are long lasting. That is why the list keeps growing longer at the dermatologists for the treatment.|Does hair removal by laser take a lot of time No. Make that an emphatic 'No'. From the day you begin therapy to the time you are through takes only a couple of months. And then, you can go home and not come back.The beauty and hair care industry is often associated with expensive cosmetics and damaging chemicals. However this is not always true. You can keep your hair looking gorgeous without spending too much money and sacrificing its health. By using natural hair care remedies, which you can make yourself at home, you do not need to spend hundreds of dollars or subject your hair to degrading ordeals. Moreover, you are also helping the environment by not adding harmful wastes to your surroundings. Here are some natural hair care remedies:- to strengthen and smoothing your hair, you could apply a natural hair mask with just a few drops of lemon juice to egg. Add around six to eight drops of lemon juice to one egg, beat it well. After thoroughly cleansing your hair with your favorite shampoo, apply the egg-lemon mixture and leave on for about a minute or so. Rinse very well and make sure that there are no residues left. The egg will add nutrients such as protein and vitamin E to your hair, while the lemon adds limonene oil that conditions the hair.

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