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Long, short, blond, brunette, curly, straight - hair is not only an element of identity it is also much an object of beauty especially for women. Both women and men have for years showed increasing concern to achieve good-looking hair. Every woman loves to sport different styles of hair to look special during any special events of her life. To have the same usual hairstyle could be really boring and tiring to the eye and it won't add drama to the personality of the woman. What if you do not have really good hairAt present, there are still no known cures for male hair loss, so hair replacement is considered an effective management option. Other than the modern hair replacement systems, weaves and extensions, wigs are also used to disguise and/or conceal hair loss.Wigs existed since the time of ancient Egyptians. Nobles and the wealthy wore exceptionally artificial but formal looking wigs as a form of caps to protect their heads.In Rome, almost all the women wanted to be blonds so they would wear wigs made from the hairs of the captured çµ™arbarianslaves. Women wore their wigs unwashed for weeks on end. It is also known that bugs and sometimes small rodents made their home in women warm headpiece.Up until the Victorian era, England was known worldwide as the center for excellent wig making. Male wigs of long curls that replicated real hair were famous during the reign of Charles II.After 1800, long hair for men lost its appeal so wigs became a part of the women fashion.

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