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Hair loss, thinning hair, male hair loss, female hair loss, trichology, trichologist, hair loss clinic, hair loss centre, hair loss treatments, hair loss treatments for men and women, scalp disorders, hair and scalp problems.Although not the primary cause of male-pattern hair loss, genetics does have a significant role in male-pattern hair loss. It is, however, polygenic, in that there is more than one factor at work. It is unclear whether having an affected mother or an affected father predisposes descendants to greater risks. Can hair loss occur in teenagers Male-pattern hair loss can occur as early as 15, although it typically begins anywhere from the 20s and early 30s. Familial history may help determine if this is going to occur, as parents with a history of early-onset male-pattern hair loss may increase the risk for this to occur in descendants. Alopecia areata and telogen effluvium, two other forms of temporary hair loss, can occur in children as young as one year of age. Other precipitating factors may also be involved.A hair straightener has become an important part of a woman life. Even men have resorted to a hair straightener more often than not to achieve a certain look. In earlier times, fashion was for a handful people. But today fashion has engulfed youngsters and the middle aged. Outward appearance is being considered a vital aspect for creating impressions. People are becoming increasingly aware of the ways of keeping themselves healthy and beautiful. The hair straightener has helped people to look chic and super stylish. The hair straightener is one accessory that is handy and women are proud to possess. GHD has carved its niche and has its own client base that is increasing day by day. The GHD hair straightene has become so popular with women and men because it allows them to style their hair in their own convenient time. Everyday users of GHD hair straightene can have a different look and carry it off with confidence and panache. The introduction of hair straightener has made the job of hair straightening a hassle-free job.

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