Virgin hair vs Remy hair 

Virgin hair

Collected directly from young girls whose hair is completely natural, healthy and unprocessed ever. The cuticles of virgin hair are kept 100% intact and aligned.It has not been damaged by dying,perming, thus it's very durable and tangling free.When you touch the virgin hair,it is very soft and smooth. Virgin hair looks with perfect natural healthy luster without drying. And because of exposition to sunlight, the hair may look darker at roots and gradually fading to hair tips.Moreover the hair roots will be more thicker that hair tips. Virgin hair is recognized to be the best quality of human hair which is known to last for several year under proper care.This is the reason that its price is more expensive than remy hair. 

Remy hair

Collected in the way which is be cut from ponytail. So all cuticles of hair are placed in the same direction and roots are on the same side. Remy hair has been lightly processed to make hair more softer and free tangling. And because of this, it feels softer than virgin hair. 

Characteristics of different types of hair

Brazilian Hair

Brazilian hair is most popular hair in the market. Authentic Brazilian hair comes from the rural areas of Brazil. It's very soft, silky, smooth and durable. The hair is bouncy and strong, it can hold the curl/wave very well for long time. Authentic Brazilian virgin hair is very difficult to get and the price is high. However many said "Brazilian hair" in market are not authentic.  Top quality and luxurious hair.

Chinese Hair

Chinese Hair is very strong and durable, usually in slightly thicker strand, naturally in straight texture. It's the most economic but good quality hair. Good for silky straight, yaki, and bigger wavy and curly style. Good texture which is much less tangling, very durable hair. Highly recommended hair.

Indian Hair

Indian hair is the most common hair type nowadays. Indian hair is very smooth, soft, light and extremely easy to curl. Curl/wave can hold very long time. Indian hair usually comes in natural wave style.

Malaysian Hair 

Collected from the temples of Malaysia where women give their hair as a ceremony that affirms their spiritual devout to the gods.The hair has become more and more popular because its luxurious felling and natural shine. The hair is very silky and typically straight, with higher density while still in thin strands, very strong, best choice for wavy style.

Peruvian Hair

Peruvian hair is getting more popular these years for the hair is durable and easy to turn into many textures whether curly or wavy.The curly texture become more curly when wet.So it is extremely manageable and styled.

Mongolian Hair 

Mongolian hair is very close to Caucasian hair. Hair very thin and soft. The hair strands tends to be smaller in diameter than other hair types.That’s good curling. And Mongolian hair is good for dying into any colors including lightest platinum blonde.