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Amazing Hairstyle Ideas for Afros, expressing power, resilience and pride.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018 7:15:18 PM America/Los_Angeles

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Tapered cut on natural hair

Thursday, August 23, 2018 10:39:05 PM America/Los_Angeles

Tapered cut on natural hair can be fierce, sexy, and liberating all at the same time.

Here you can see how natural hair does not have to be braided, twisted, or heavily manipulated to look beautiful.

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Stunning Haircuts for Black Women

Monday, August 20, 2018 1:04:24 AM America/Los_Angeles

These dynamic hairstyles will make any women happy, while feeling and looking her best.

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Six Common Curling Iron Mistakes Everyone Makes --- from professional stylists

Tuesday, July 24, 2018 12:03:18 AM America/Los_Angeles

Before you can become a pro, however, it's helpful to be aware of what you shouldn't do during the curling process. This way you can avoid making mistakes and be on a faster track to styling success.

1. Using Hairspray Before You Curl

Sure, it may seem like adding a few spritzes of hairspray prior to curling would help hold your style better. BUT it would likely damage your strands in the meantime.

2. Using an Old Curling Iron

Wands and irons that are past their prime won't be as effective. The iron might feel hot, but it may not be heating the hair correctly anymore, which will likely cause you to go over each section too many times and burn the hair.

3. Holding the Curl on the Iron for Too Long

If your goal is to get super-tight ringlets, then, by all means, hold the curl until it becomes a tiny cue. But if you're looking to create timeless beach waves or loose curls, you should avoid holding the curl on the iron for too long. We recommend that you should run the curling iron through your hair section by section for only three to five seconds and then release.  If you don't release fast enough and hold the iron for any longer than that, your curls will be much tighter

4. Curling From the Ends Up

Here's one reliable tip: Always curl from the roots, down. The ends of your hair are more delicate and don't need nearly as much heat to curl. You should always start from the top, working your way downward, for best results. Leaving your ends last will cut down on damage, and give the overall style a more natural-looking vibe.

5. Playing With Your Curls Mid-Process

The curls won't hold up as well if you do this — especially if your hair doesn't like to hold a curl. Do not even think about brushing or touching those curls until the very end when they have cooled down and the whole head is done. Once they've cooled down and set themselves is when you can use your fingers or a comb to tweak them to how you want them to be.

6. Using the Wrong Sized Iron

Want big waves or voluminous curls? It doesn't necessarily mean you need a bigger iron to achieve it. Using a smaller, longer iron allows you to get a more defined wave. As a general rule, use a smaller size curling iron than the curl you want because the curl will end up being two to three times the size of the iron. 

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How to Style Your Baby Hair

Tuesday, July 17, 2018 1:20:27 AM America/Los_Angeles

        Whether you have your hair swooped to the side, slicked down, or gelled over, your look isn’t complete unless your baby hairs are together. It is very important to know how to lay down a baby hair in a way that instantly polishes and upgrades your look.

        The key to getting those baby hairs perfect? Water, a small brush, and a little gel. Spray water on a boar-bristle brush (or toothbrush) and brush baby hairs forward. Then use a drop of gel and brush the hairs so they're curling toward your hairline, not straight down your forehead.

         Now take a peek at how these baby hair styles to inspire your look.

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The 25 Best Hair Tips from Pro Stylists

Friday, June 22, 2018 12:28:18 AM America/Los_Angeles

A superfine mist of water from a spray bottle can loosen curls without fully rewetting the hair, and it air-dries in seconds.  

While blow-drying, let hair cool before taking it off the brush. Everyone speeds it along, and it’s why their hair falls or curls don’t last.  

To prevent a texturizing or surf spray from turning hair dull, mix it with a few drops of hair oil in your palm and then rake it through hair.  

For loose waves, use the iron’s clamp to pull hair smooth at the roots, then wrap the length of the hair vertically around the iron, leaving the ends out.  

It’s not the sexiest look ever, but get a satin bonnet to wear while you sleep. It’ll preserve any style overnight.  

To smooth the back of your hair, brush it forward (over your shoulders) as you dry it — creating tension at the roots with your brush dries the hair straight.  

To refresh curls, use a hair dryer on the cold setting: Blast dry hair from side to side, swinging it with your fingers to bring curls back to life.  

It’s hard to think of cutting thinning hair — if you’re losing yours, you don’t want to give any up — but trimming two inches makes it look fuller.  

Healthy hair holds color longer, so do weekly deep-conditioning treatments to keep yours vibrant and shiny.  

For volume, blow-dry the roots first, lifting them with your fingers. When you start with the lengths, you pull down on wet roots, flattening them out.  

Section curly hair into four twists in the shower and smooth shampoo on top of each one and your hair won’t get tangled when you wash it.  

For a sleek pony, tilt your head back 45 degrees and gather your hair with a mixed-bristle brush. The more bristles, the smoother your hair will be.  

If you’ve transitioned to natural texture, it’s so important to keep hair moisturized. Use a leave-in conditioner after every single shower.  

For the easiest bouncy volume, use dry shampoo (from roots to ends) before bed, and sleep with your hair in a bun for lasting volume the next day.  

If your hair is thinning or lacks volume, adding highlights can swell the cuticle, giving the appearance of more hair.  

Turning your wand from vertical to horizontal when curling will give you a softer wave.  

If you only use co-wash, your hair could get limper. Cleanse your scalp with a scrub every once in a while to take off dead skin cells.  

For a subtle bend that’s identical to a round-brush blowout, curl your hair with a giant two-inch curling iron, and set the hair with clips for 10 to 30 minutes.  

When you’re not sure what to do with your hair, part it on the side. It exposes the undersides, which usually look healthier and shinier than the top layers.

If you want your blowout to last, hair needs to be 100 percent dry or it’ll frizz and fall. So feel around for damp spots and dry them.  

I always stretch out my washes one extra day by putting my hair in a low bun with a thin layer of pomade on top so it looks sleek, not greasy.  

For a no-bump updo, blow-dry damp or dry hair in the direction of the style (e.g., from the nape and sides upward for a high bun or pony).  

Spritzing your hair with a little water reactivates yesterday’s product so you don’t have to pile on more (that can weigh down your hair).  

When you’re pressed for time, try a texturized pony. Twist hair into three mini buns, set with a diffuser, then shake your hair out and tie the ponytail.  

If you accidentally put too much product in your hair, use dry shampoo all the way through to the ends to soak it up.  


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What's the good human hair wigs now?

Thursday, May 17, 2018 8:12:51 PM America/Los_Angeles

From years ago, "going natural" has become a trend and every woman wants their hair looking natural. They persue every details to get a naturual perfect looking: natural hairline, natural baby hair, natural styles, natural textures. We believe that natural hair could make a woman as a more beautiful of herself, a looking really like her, a looking she feels like and comfortable with. BelleWigs are honored to participate in the journey of enhancing the natural beauty of women around the world at different life stages. Below are some of the natural textures: 

Italian yaki
Jeri curl
Afro Curl
diva curl
10mm curl


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Tuesday, May 8, 2018 2:49:01 AM America/Los_Angeles


Please look carefully at the photo. You can see that the 2 hair appear in quite different color shade. Would you believe that actually both hair are in color #1B, and under same camera.

Q: What makes them look different? 

A: The answer is hair cuticle! The hair on the left has an unique sheen that the hair in the right doesn't have, it's the sheen of HAIR CUTICLE. 

Q: Good hair all has hair cuticle?

A: Yes! GOOD HAIR, hair cuticle all intact and kept in same direction. While NON-GOOD HAIR, hair cuticle is removed using acid bath because of tangling.

Q: Why hair cuticle so important?

A: It's the hair cuticle that keeps hair healthy, strong, long-lasting, free of tangling and long-lasting. Bad hair may feel smooth and soft in the beginning, but it will turn frizzy and tangling very quickly.


All wigs from are using cuticle virgin hair, it's one of our basic priciples.



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Features of Human Hair Wigs

Wednesday, August 2, 2017 2:16:52 AM America/Los_Angeles

Here are some tips to know what is the features of human hair wigs. It is easy to understand the basic knowledge about human hair wigs!Read More
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