Please look carefully at the photo. You can see that the 2 hair appear in quite different color shade. Would you believe that actually both hair are in color #1B, and under same camera.

Q: What makes them look different? 

A: The answer is hair cuticle! The hair on the left has an unique sheen that the hair in the right doesn't have, it's the sheen of HAIR CUTICLE. 

Q: Good hair all has hair cuticle?

A: Yes! GOOD HAIR, hair cuticle all intact and kept in same direction. While NON-GOOD HAIR, hair cuticle is removed using acid bath because of tangling.

Q: Why hair cuticle so important?

A: It's the hair cuticle that keeps hair healthy, strong, long-lasting, free of tangling and long-lasting. Bad hair may feel smooth and soft in the beginning, but it will turn frizzy and tangling very quickly.


All wigs from are using cuticle virgin hair, it's one of our basic priciples.