Nowdays many different materials of hair products on the market.Generally can be divided into Synthetic hair,mixture hair and human hair.Whether you own any of them, you should know basic maintenance of knowledge.Usage time varies and depends on how often you wear and how well you care for your hair products.Proper maintenance can prolong the hair lifespan and beauty.

Here some method folllowing:

1. Tags instructions:

When you get a hair wig or hair extension, read the manufacturer enclosed instructions carefully.From instructions you can learn the materials.Without the instructions, you also can easily distinguish between them well.Simply remove a few strand hair and burn them.Human hair has natural proteins,so it produces few ash and few foul smell when it burned.However,synthetic hair melts into a sticky ball with a sharp smell when burned.

2. Washing info:

Try not to wash your synthetic hair.Or to minimize the amount of washing.Washing may cause synthetic hair tangle.So let me mainly introduced the washing method of human hair. Use a mild shampoo to wash it with lukewarm water.Circulate the water and shampoo through your hair.Rinse your hair thoroughly to remove all soap.Dry your Hair naturally on a clean towel.Do not wrung water out violently.Do not make it under the blazing sun for a long time.

3. Coming info:

You'd better to choose right combs.Such as if your hairstyle is wave,wide-toothed comb can keep shape long-lasting. Or passed your fingers through your wave hair directly.Slippery straight hair comb with toothcomb.Any combs you use,remeber to brush your hair gently.Do not comb your curly hair.Instead,put some hairsprays that are designed specially for hair care to hold the curly well.

4. Dyed and Permed caution:

Synthetic can not be dyed and permed. Natural Color of human hair can be dyed or permed.But remember to do it not too frequently.Otherwise your hair will appear lifeless and become prone to breakage.So you have to re-purchase your wig or your hair extension.If you need to dye your hair ,I highly recommend do a pre-test on a small portion of hair to see how your new color will look.

5. Storage methods:

When you are taking your hair off, put it on a cool dry place.Keep away from fire and keep out of the reach of children.You'd better hang wig on a head-form.Put hair extension or top closure on a flat table.Heavy objects are not allowed to put on your hair products in case of deformation.