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The modern technology associated with these wigs ensures that they look absolutely natural. When you put them on one will only come to know that you are wearing a wig when you tell them. These wigs are soft to the touch and made with the finest human hair strands.If you visit a parlor and ask them to style your hair like Raquel Welch it is bound to cost you an immense amount of money. And with time the look is bound to go and you will need another session with your hairstylist. With the Raquel Welch wigs you have a permanent solution when you want to get her look. Raquel wigs also don鈥檛 cost too much to strain your pockets to the max. Once you buy these wigs they comfortably stay without maintenance for six months or more.Get your Raquel Welch look today with Raquel Welch wigs. You will certainly make jaws drop when you wear one of these classy and elegant Raquel wigs.Minoxidil, one of the drugs used in the treatment of male pattern baldness can also be used for women; though it has not been shown to be quite as effective in women as it is in men. While it will slow the progress of hair loss in most women, it will only grow new hair in about a quarter of those who use it. It must be applied twice a day, and is expensive to use as well. And there is an incidence of allergic reaction to the use of minoxidil in some women. Hair loss symptoms will resume if minoxidil treatment is halted.

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