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Have you ever heard of a custom lace wig This wig is different from other wigs because it is made according to the preferences of its owner. All the features in it are all tailor-made. Some of these features include; lace type, color, texture, density and length. Since you can find numerous varieties of these wigs on the market, you might be wondering whether getting a customized wig is really worth it or not. If you are the type of person who only wants the best, no matter what the cost then this type of wig is the right one for you.If you want your streaks to be temporary, or just for a single occasion, you can try getting clip-on extensions. These are available in different colors. Another option you can try is dip dyeing. For this type of look, you only dye the ends of your hair. Use a brush for applying dye onto your hair. Some people actually dip their hair into a container of dye.While most mature people try to cover up their gray hair, some celebrities have started the trend of dyeing their hair gray! For young people, gray hair looks obviously unnatural, so it doesn't make them look older at all. Mix gray hair with some streaks of purple or lavender for fun.Right now, more women are switching to a brunette hair color, instead of blonde. If you want to have dark, luxurious-looking hair, you can use a chestnut color.

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