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On the other hand, the artificial wigs that are created with synthetic materials although resemble an original hair but are way distant to them. There is a huge difference between these and the human wigs which can be traced from their uses. An artificial wig loses its lustrous nature very quickly and has a serious issue of tangling. Human wigs are considered to be the best hair extensions due to their characteristic nature. The fact that they are created by using natural hair makes them a preferable option as they will be harmless to your existing hair unlike the artificial ones. They can also be washed and cleaned regularly like your natural hair with the help of a shampoo and a conditioner. The lustrous nature of these do not wears of soon and the shine is retained for a very longer period of time. Synthetic wigs can be a mess if you are using them during a journey.For cold fusion a keratin-based polymer is used to bond extensions to the root of your hair 1 strand at a time, whereas hot fusion uses hot glue to attach the extensions to your hair . Cold fusion functions by using ultra-sonic waves or rapid impulses, no heat is necessary . The Popularity of Cold Fusion Hair ExtensionsWhile cold fusion hair extensions are relatively a new choice for hair weaving, it is getting increasingly popular for people who love weft hair. Both hot and cold fusion provides awesome results with a natural look and longer lasting. But it is evident people are favouring cold fusion extensions for a valid reason .Hot fusion involves the use of hot glue to adhere the extensions to the root of your hair. Some people have reported burning and scalp damage . Cold fusion employs ultrasonic waves which are a lot kinder and will not result in burning .

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