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Symptoms of Hair Loss Hair loss can occur as thinning or as shedding, with clumps of hair falling out. It can be general-you lose hair all over your scalp-or focal, which means you lose it in one area only. In inherited hair loss, men generally develop bald spots on the forehead area or on the top of the head, while women have an overall thinning of the hair throughout the scalp. Treatment of Hair Loss Some people choose to treat hair loss with medications or surgery, such as hair transplantation. Others choose to wear hairpieces (wigs or toupees) or use different methods of hair styling (dyeing or combing). The approach you use depends on the cause of your hair loss and how you feel about it. Some people feel they need treatment, while others are not as concerned about thinning hair or baldness.Hair Regrowth – professional hair care experts often advice their clients to try going through a laser hair regrowth procedure to not just take care of your bald spots or thinning hair, but to also stimulate the scalp and roots to start growing more hair. This is considered as one of the most effective hair loss treatments in London hair innovators claim because it does not harm your scalp, nor does it make your hair strands weaker, but rather, this method will surely make your hair strands thicker and a lot stronger, thus preventing further loss of hair.

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