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By doing that, you can already possess that image that you don't want to be seen that way and you want to preserve your intimate body parts away from those maniac eyes. There are times that those people tend to do bad things with the girls who would wear clothes that will really caught their attention so if you don't want that kind of look then better don't give them any reason to do that at all. Creativity is also a good thing that you can show by just simply letting them see the way you dress and style yourself. A lot of people can predict if you are either simple or creative with just a piece of cloth that you have in your body. If you are just that simple and preserved kind of person, then you can go with the normal outfits, safe styles of hair and accessories. But if you want to catch attention and see heads turning in your way then you can try those with big designs, bold hues and partner it with a great hairstyle.you can make use of some costume wigs for that additional fun look or just have your hair dyed or colored.What do you get when you put a drag queen, a shoemaker and lots of glitter on stage A Broadway production of "Kinky Boots," of course! The musical, based on a 2005 film, tells the story of an almost bankrupt shoe factory owner, Charlie (Stark Sands), who partners with a British drag queen, Lola (Billy Porter), to produce women's footwear especially for men's feet.

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