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Massaging your scalp and hair helps the hair follicles to stimulate and increases the blood flow. Before massage just heat the oil to the lukewarm temperature and gently apply on your scalp and hair. You can use any oil which suits to your hair. Homemade products can also be used for this massage. Take a container and pour about 2 oz. of pure coconut oil into it. Add about 10 drops each of lavender oil and rosemary oil to the coconut oil. Blend the oils carefully to create hair massage oil. This helps to stimulate hair follicles and help to produce hair growth. Leave the oil in hair for overnight and shampoo your hair in the morning. Using light pressure in a circular motion to massage the oil into your hairline and scalp, first at the hairline and working your way back. Rub down your scalp for at least 10 minutes to increase blood circulation and encourage hair growth around your hairline. Never use hot water for washing your hair. Hot water always damages your hair and takes the natural oils away from the hair. Always rinse the oils from your hair using lukewarm water.Across the world, various hair clinics have opened up and are doing good business with lots of clients. These clinics provide solutions for baldness and decreasing hair from the scalp. Some go for hair transplantations, while others are good at providing wigs for the hair. These solutions have their price, which can be obtained by people if they are willing to afford these options. All the solutions have their pros and cons and after thorough understanding of the benefits, people can go for the wig or the transplant.

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