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Coarse hair: Coarse hair is normally rough, wiry, dry and heavy hair. Mostly hair stylers recommend a layers hair cut. 'Thick and thin hair: This type of hair the stylers suggest layers hair cut, whereas thin hair they recommend short hair cut.There are many reasons to have bad or unhealthy hair. The causes of unhealthy hair are low-priced hair products, styling hair with heat without caring and not moisture that is lost during styling. Stress and cold is also the major reason of unhealthy hair. In market there are numerous kind of hair treatments such as natural and Ayurveda. There are lots of foods for making healthy hair.There are some remedies and natural remedies for healthy hairs are:'The protection of healthy hair is protected from direct exposure of sunlight.'Wash oily hair is frequently. 'Don鈥檛 not wash your hair too much of hot water.It is widely believed that a strong, healthy, and beautiful hair can make a person more attractive and more desirable, and so naturally it can affect a person psychologically and emotionally. For those who are suffering from this problem, it may be comforting to know that there are various types of home remedies that can help deal with this issue. Actually, you can prevent or reduce hair fall by following certain lifestyle and dietary changes.Avoid frequent use of hair straighteners, hair dryers hot curlers, and other heat hair devices, as continuous exposure to heat can damage hair and lead to hair loss. It is highly advised not to color your hair very often and stay away from the hairstyles that cause this problem, such as tight ponytails and corn-rows.

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