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Now that you are well informed, you would probably think whether the hair transplantation is at all affordable Hair transplant cost varies depending upon your past medical history, the degree and extent of your hair loss, possibility of medical hair restoration as an adjunct for surgical hair restoration, number of sessions that would will be required for hair transplant surgery, etc. It is after placing due considerations to these factors that your hair restoration surgeon will be able to chalk out an affordable hair transplant treatment plan for you.Before you make a decision to undergo hair transplant procedure, it is better that you make a consultation visit to the hair transplantation surgeon. This consultation will give you some idea about the hair transplant cost for your surgery. In general, the average hair transplant cost in USA ranges from $3,690 to $ 9, 800. In some cases it can also be as high as $ 15, 000. The hair transplant cost varies considerably from person to person, and also depends on how many grafts you need, the number of sessions involved, and the hair transplant center or clinic you visit.Get someone to gently massage your scalp, or brush your hair gently to pull the natural conditioning oils out along the hair shaft. If you have straight or wavy hair, this can be done on a daily or at least regular basis. But if you are of African descent, be careful not to overdo it. Because of our tight coils, the hair is easily broken and knotted, so do this sparingly.

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