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Lots of women have round faces, a good thing about a round face is that it will make you appear younger. Women hairstyles that flatters round face are mostly long hairstyles or short hair styles that add height.3.Avoid very short women hairstyles because it will expose your round face. If you decided on the bob hairstyle that is so popular right now, discuss with your hairstylist to modify it to suit your face shape.4.If you are a square face shape, you should try to round off the edges to make your face softer and more feminine. Try long hairstyles that hide the edges and round off your chin. Avoid straight long hair because it will accentuate your square jaw line.5.If you are a heart face shape, you should try to add fullness to the bottom of your face to give it a fuller look. The bob hairstyle is very flattering on your face. Try to avoid hairstyles that add height on the crown because it will make you look too heavy.6.Talk to your hairstylist and ask him/her the hairstyles that flatter your face. Do not follow trends and fashion blindly; what looks good on other people might look terrible on you.7.If you are using design goods on the locks, one training you can use to avoid hairloss as well as to encourage hair growth is always to take away these sticky products, such as gels and waxes, through your locks each night prior to going to bed. If you have the head pushed limited from a cushion, these kinds of products can migrate into you head and block the pores. The chemical over these merchandise is not great for the newly creating hairs in the follicles.

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