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Tight Wave Chinese Hair Weave
Indian weave is highly appreciated because of their versatility and ease of use. The specialty of Indian hair is that it can be worn in any manner that suits your style and charisma. These can be easily styled and you don't have to worry or work much over these hairs that one of the most interesting aspects when compared to others. You can easily flat iron these hairs for a straight, silky and smooth look and feel. You can ask for these hairs in any parlor or you can simply order them from any online stores that you find reliable. Also another good thing about these hairs is that these are very much reasonably priced and easily available in the market.In fact, around 60% of all doctor visits concerning hair loss comes from women. This means the problem is bigger for the females than the males which is surprising considering very little research has gone into female hair restoration when considering the millions that has been spent on men.There is one hair restoration treatment that is recommended by the FDA for both men and women. This drug is named Minoxidil and is the active ingredient in most topically applied hair loss treatments. It is applied twice a day to protect the hair follicles from DHT. DHT is the culprit in almost all cases of hair thinning and hair loss that happen at a fairly early age.DHT is formed when the enzyme 5-alpha reductase metabolizes the male hormone testosterone. Although it is called the male hormone it is actually found in both men and women. DHT will bond with the receptors on the hair roots that normally allow for the transfer of nutrients and oxygen for the manufacture of keratin. Limiting the levels of DHT or blocking it from the follicles is the most effective way to treat hair loss.

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