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Some parents would say to just skip the wig altogether but a Halloween costume such as a pirate, clown, witch, or Hannah Montana need to wig to pull the whole costume together.When using a wig on your child, it is important to ensure that the accessory fits appropriately.All too often Halloween wigs that are sold to accommodate adults on Halloween are used on children to enhance their costume. It is important that wigs do not have pieces that dangle over the eyes of the child, obstruct the nose and mouth, and do not cover the ears of the child.This is to make sure that your child is not only comfortable for trick or treating but also alert to his or her surroundings.If a wig covers the ears, mouth, nose, and/or eyes, this could jeopardize their personal safety in numerous ways.Every woman have thought about getting hair extensions at one point or another in their lives and more than half of the female population have had human hair extensions applied to their hair before. However, while extensions are something that every woman have fantasized about, not all women have willed themselves to take the risk of having hair extensions applied to their hair base on the many bad stories they have heard about them. Yes, it is true. While hair extensions are often times known to add to a woman's beauty by giving her the lush, beautiful hair that she has always admired, hair extensions have also been known to really damage some women's hair and in the end, they have ended up regretting the decision to get the hair in the first place.

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