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In this day and age we dont have to wait for anything. The instant way to getting the long hair we want is by buying either long haired wigs or long pieces of hair extensions. Hair extensions have been around for a number of years now and many movie and music stars have all adorned them at some point. They are the perfect way to create an instant long haired look.Wigs and concealers are often the only option of restoring lost hair for people suffering from non-hereditary forms of baldness such as unpredictable alopecia areata.Surgical hair restoration is the most costly method of restoring lost hair but also the most elegant solution. It can only be used in people suffering from hereditary baldness and burn patients. Candidates are required to have sufficient hair density at the back of their scalp and a lot of women suffering from female form of hair loss with its typical diffuse balding pattern do not meet this condition. Hair restoration surgery has made great strides in the past twenty years with the advent of the two main techniques used today - follicular unit transplantation and, more recently, follicular unit extraction. These advances in hair transplantation enable the grouping of hairs closer together, which gives modern hair transplants a completely natural look. The typical weakness of hair transplant surgery, besides the cost and the pain involved, is the limited supply of donor hair and the need for multiple surgery sessions to achieve the final change.

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