full lace Human hair

Top Grade Mongolian Natural Hair
And if you’re not using shampoo with SLS, you’ll notice fewer problems with dryness and tangling. Definitely treat thinning hair to a deep conditioning reparative treatment once a week.”MYTH: Heated tools work best on the highest setting.FACT: “Not for people with thinning hair! The highest heat setting will fry and burn off your fragile hair strands. The high settings are for the coarsest hair types and the healthiest hair. You should be using these devices minimally and at the lowest setting.”MYTH: I can achieve some volume by getting a perm.FACT: “You may get some volume or curls, or your hair may break off from the harsh solution. Perms chemically open the outside layer of hair, which causes hair to swell — and snap midshaft because it’s weak already. Try Velcro rollers for volume and fullness without long-term damage, or, better yet, if that’s the hairstyle you’re set on, get a high-end wig!”MYTH: Coloring is a no-no for thinning hair.FACT:“Usually.This technique has many benefits. The client can allow her hair to rest. By avoiding the undo stresses of blow drying, chemicals and relaxers, her own tresses can grow in healthy and strong. It is however imperative to care for the scalp and underlying braids by regularly washing and conditioning. Also, important is that the cornrow not be too tight, nor should the sewn-in hair be too heavy as this will cause hair loss.

Full Lace Front Wigs
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