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It was one thing his wife always loved about him. But David knew enough to know that you inherit your hair loss tendencies from your mother’s side of the family and his mother’s hair was perfectly fine, hardly even thinning at all, so he was feeling pretty confident about never having to think about hair transplants hair transplant surgery like some of his balding friends. That is, until he hit his 40’s and he noticed his hairline receding at his temples and around his forehead. After that he became obsessed with how much hair he had or didn’t have and every day felt the top of his head to make sure all his hair was there and watched as his hairline receded more and more around his forehead. Around his 48th birthday he happened to read an article online about how hair transplants had changed and improved both scientifically and artistically over the years.A wig made from synthetic hair is available in different color, length, and style. The cost also differs depending on the quality of the hair extension. The hairpieces are either custom-made for you or ready-made. You can find them in beauty shops, online stores as well as in departmental stores. These synthetic extensions are quite cheap and you can choose to buy and wear them as per your wish. You can buy several different styles of extensions so that you can change your look in just a minute.

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