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Hair will probably stop falling out if the medication is discontinued or the gland or organ is restored to normalcy, but in areas where hair follicles have died, hair won't regrow and a person may be left with permanently thinned hair or bald spots.Many of the pills, potions, gimmicks and gadgets on the market claiming to restore hair are ineffective or downright fraudulent. A few of them may produce some hair, often of marginal quality, but that hair may fall out when the drug or treatment is discontinued.Hair transplantation, or hair replacement surgery, is the one solution to hair loss that is permanent and that does not depend on ongoing, expensive medications or therapy.Hair transplantation is accomplished by making a small strip incision in an area where hair is plentiful, usually back of the head. This hair is plentiful because it has been genetically programmed to grow throughout life (even in cases of pattern baldness). This donor area is then sutured shut, with hair concealing it. Each small donor strip contains as many as three-thousand hair follicles.These diets and special circumstances like weight loss surgeries can lead to nutritional deficiencies which can lead to hair loss (Prendiville JS & Manfredi LN, 1992). Fortunately when these essential vitamin and minerals are supplemented balding and hair loss can be stopped and reversed (Rushton, 2002).The hair loss seen with nutritional deficiencies have been documented extensively in medical literature. It has also been shown that people can show remarkable recovery of hair growth and a reversal of baldness with vitamin and mineral supplementation. While hair loss is most apparent with severe dietary abnormalities it can also be seen with even mild nutritional deficiencies. You have have significant nutritional deficits from psychiatric problems like bulimia, anorexia, and many medical conditions and cases when your body is out of its normal balance (including after surgeries or when you are using medications). People can also develop balding and hair loss as a side effect of chemotherapy or systemic diseases (Lurie, 1994).

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