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The main reason behind its high rate is that not many women there are willing to sell their hair off.Apart from this, there are wigs that are made of a variety of other materials including horse hair, feathers,fibres and a lot of other materials. Aside from human hair, the most commonly used types of materials in the task of manufacturing wigs are synthetic fibres. A lot of wigs that are made this way are good quality and are hard to be differentiated from the ones made from real hair. Also these wigs offer the major benefits of being extremely simple to care and maintain and their price is far less. One major drawback of these wigs is that they cannot be styled by using curling irons, straighteners and other objects. These synthetic wigs cannot withstand the heat and chemicals.Changing your look has never been easier before. You can try colorful costume wigs when dressing up for Halloween or any other kind of theme party. You can spare your natural hair from going through severe hair sprays and colors. Wigs can also save you on a bad hair day. Now you do not have to hide under caps and scarves.It will form the phenomenon of hairs erect when people in a state of tension, impedes the smooth flow of blood circulation, results in a situation such as hair loss and white hair.People use the computer to work constantly, the possibility of losing hair is larger, because long-lasting use computer with high concentration, has an effect on hair growth endocrine-related. Hair follicle is easy to be blocked, so that the nutritional supply occur to obstacle, easily increase brittle and happen hair loss. To prevent hair loss, the key is science with a brain, specific measures are:Change the way of using computer. Take a short rest every half an hour, relax yourself, close your eyes or do eyes exercise or away from the computer screen, if you are allowed, stand up, turning head and neck.The experts suggest adjust the diet structure, try to eat more fresh vegetables and fruit; intake foods rich in vitamin B, all these are good to hair growth, to remember spicy food as few as possible.

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