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This typically only affects the hairs, and not the follicles which is the source of hair growth. Hair dryers should not be used on their highest heat setting, but rather their coolest setting in order to prevent damage to the hair.4) Shampooing your hair frequently causes hair loss.False: Frequent shampooing is beneficial to your hair to clean the hair and scalp from any dirt buildup. It is important to thoroughly wash out any shampoo to remove harmful detergents. Using a moisturizing conditioner after shampooing is very important to replenish any lost moisture.5) Highlights, hair coloring and other chemical treatments, as well as hairspray cause hair loss.False: When using any of these products, it affects the hair, and not the follicles. While these chemicals may have damaging affects on the hair, they cannot penetrate to damage the follicles.6) Wearing a hat can cause hair loss.Many people would not agree but that the reality that hair wigs is becoming the fashion trend these days. All such women who have the straight hairs and they have the wholeheartedly wish to make them curly then they also favor wearing the hair wigs. There are many Hollywood stars that prefer wearing the hair wigs because they want to start this fashion in every hook and corner of the world. Secondly, we have witnessed many women who have fewer hairs that even their scalp is properly seen. Such women often get disconnected from the world. Well for all such women hair wigs have been highlighted so that they can cover up their hesitation and increase the boost height. In addition, there are many religions as well that even finds it necessary to wear the hair wigs during the wedding proceedings.

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