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Aloe Vera is a remedy to natural hair care. It promotes natural hair growth and does not irritate the scalp. There are also other leaf and plant extracts that act as good tonics and hair care remedies. Common sage or garden sage as it is called is good to make your hair dark. When it is mixed with rosemary, it stimulates the growth of hair. Oils are also good for natural hair growth. Coconut oil, West Indian bay, rosemary and chamomile are some of the natural oils that help in hair growth. Oils also help in black hair care. A natural conditioner for black hair is rosemary. There are oils that prevent hair loss. Lavender oil is one such example.Hair care products are of natural origin aid in hair growth as they contain minerals and vitamins. The most commonly used vitamins that are necessary for natural hair growth are B12 and vitamin C. vitamin E is yet another vitamin that is great for natural hair development. The vitamins help in strengthening the hair and maintaining proper growth. Hair types vary and hence hair care products also need to vary to pertain to these differences.People consider their hair their crowning glory. Because of that they always wanted to keep their hair beautiful and healthy. Obviously this is the reason why several kinds of hair care products to suit each individual's type of hair are now available today. In fact more and more health care products are being developed to meet people's need for a hair care formula that deliver particular purpose such as for cleaning and polishing hair, keeping it tangle free, treatment of split ends, and protect hair from damage and dryness.Understanding your type of hair is a basic thing to do so you can decide which hair care product is most appropriate to you. The physical condition of the scalp and the hair should be considered as well as this will determine whether or not you need hair care products that are specially formulated to fight dandruff, keep the scalp healthy and manage split ends. There are also hair care products that effectively control dry or oily hair types and those that are intended for use on colored hairs.

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