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You can probably wear it about six times before having to do so, but if the wig starts to have a dirty or oily appearance, you may have to clean it a little more often. Before you begin cleaning it, make sure you comb it out and remove all the tangles. Comb the hair just like you would your natural hair, use a wig pick for curly hair and a wig brush or straight hair. Be very careful during this process as you want to avoid hair falling out of the wig.To wash the human hair wig, fill your sink with lukewarm water, add wig shampoo and then soak it for about five minutes. After that time, squeeze out the water and rinse it in lukewarm water. You will then put a small amount of shampoo in your hand and gently massage the wig as though you were washing someone else's hair. Do not massage too roughly or you may damage the wig. Now you can rinse out the wig again in lukewarm water.Repeat the process with conditioner and allow it to sit in the wig for about five minutes. Rinse it completely in lukewarm water and when you are finished rinsing, squeeze out the excess water. Again, remember to be gentle during this whole process.and therapies available to treat and slow down hair loss, sometimes when the damage to your follicles is too great, there's little to be done. In these cases there's no reason to start wondering how you're going to look like bald though, since there are also several hair replacement products available that look and feel just like the real deal, it's just a matter of choosing the right one for you.

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