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Most of these doctors have little surgical training or experience in an operating room, which means less emphasis on safety procedures during the transplantation. Finding the right hair transplant doctor involves much consideration the costs experience and expertise or doctor personality one basic factor that is often overlooked is the safety precautions followed by a doctor and his or her team. In many clinics hair transplantation is treated as a simple skin procedure. In order to prevent infections and ensure a problem free procedure patients should ask the doctor about safety precautions. There are several precautions recommended to be taken before and after hair transplant procedure. Be free of stress as the hair transplant micro surgery is painless, scar less and without bleeding. Always tell your surgeon what supplements you take before elective surgery. They may advise you to stop taking them two or three weeks prior to your procedure. If you find that herbal supplements are working to stop or prevent your hair loss does not assume a higher dose is better.One of the common complaints have received is that of shedding. While some light shedding is normal for this, if your wig starts shedding a lot on brushing, it is most likely due to lack of care and maintenance. This can be avoided by taking good care of your hair unit. Here are some suggestions. Avoid combing your wig while it is still wet. Ensure you remove the lace wig glue before combing or washing your wig. Washing your lace wig too frequently makes the hair rough which could lead to hair fall. Avoid using hair styling products that have a high percentage of alcohol in them. The complaints have received is largely due to lack of care.

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