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Spirituality is dangerous in Rock n Roll! Some people lose their way in the dungeons. They become demonic because they cannot handle the glory of light. You can find many variations of monster rock out there! They are essentially the ultimate losers in Rock World. By definition, they chose the pleasures of darkness over the Glory of a Hero. Things are surreal in the world.It also promotes hair pigmentation, which makes the hair look dark. Soak amla in water overnight. Use this water to rinse hair.2. Mix equal amounts of dried shikakai, amla and ritha and powder them. They can either be mixed and then powdered or powdered first and then mixed together. Soak 2-3 handfuls of this mixture over night in some water. It should not be too thin. Next day sieve it and use it to wash hair. It also promotes hair growth and prevents dandruff.Conditioning of HairIt is the most vital part of hair care. It aims at correcting the imbalance, caused due to harsh cleansing, sun or application of harsh chemicals such as hair lotions. After shampooing your hair, apply a good conditioner. A leave- in conditioner forms a coating on the hair preventing dirt and pollution from setting down in the process.Read more on Amla, shikaki powder mixed with curd is a good conditioner and should be made use of.

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