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Sometimes real human hair is used, other times it is purely synthetic hair or a mix of both. Synthetic hair is not the preferred material as it has a tendency to tangle and frizz due to the friction caused by the rubbing of hair against the wearers clothes. Synthetic hair is also bad for styling as it does not tolerate the heat from a styling iron. Though synthetic hair is cheaper and easier to care for, it is not preferred as there are cases of the lace on synthetic lace wigs being of low quality.Cut your hair till the earlobe end, giving it a lightlayered look, with bangs around the face. Cut the front hair with sideswept bangs. Use some curl enhancer hair care products to keep your hair around the face and over the crown. You can even try a wedge hairstyle with lightlayered curls. Keep the wedge style by cutting hair that is close to the nape of your neck. Then the hair is cut longer to reach its full width just above the ears. This wild hairstyle will give an inverted triangle shape to your hair.

Full Lace Front Wigs
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