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A few of my friends and family members throughout the years have donated their hair to various charities that make custom wigs for cancer patients and underprivileged men and women. Many of these charities have the same guidelines for donating hair to make 100% human hair wigs. Here are a few of those guidelines.The first, and most important guideline, is that all hair must be in a braid or ponytail. When cutting your hair, make sure that your barber or stylist knows that you are donating to a wig charity and that you must have your hair put into a ponytail before cutting. This will ensure that your hair is able to be used. The reasons for this are many but a few are: ease of use, washing, and measuring.Measuring is also very important. Because a lot of these charities are making these wigs for women and girls, they want long wigs. If you donate 10 inches (usually the minimum length for donation) this will make an 8 inch wig. This length, on a little girl, usually falls around the jaw line. While this is not a short wig, it is the shortest that most girls are willing to go.Excessive bleaching can cause hair damage.4)Salon hair products are exactly the same as cheaper products: FALSEIn general, the higher price of salon hair products is justifiable due to their superior quality ingredients. The ingredients in salon hair products like Tigi, Kerastase and ghd are designed to provide improved conditioning and moisturizing and more intense cleansing.5)Washing too often causes hair damage: FALSEYou can wash your hair as often as you like, although the number of washes recommended for good hair care is three times per week. Not washing your hair enough is more likely to cause damage, because the scalp's natural oil, which lubricates the hair, can become blocked, leading to dry and brittle hair.6)Rinse out conditioners do not help with hair care: FALSEEven though they are designed to be rinsed out, these conditioners are made to leave small deposits of moisturising proteins and other beneficial ingredients to create a softer and shinier finish, as well as making the hair better protected.

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