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Best Remy Hair Moisturizer
Today, lasers can work on all skin colors and some lasers are even safe for treating tanned skin. Lasers are not for everyone, and their proper use requires great skill, training and expertise. The laser technician at minimum must be a Certified Laser Specialist who has graduated from an accredited school for laser. Generally it is best to have a laser-trained dermatologist, or plastic surgeon perform the procedure, in case of complications. For the laser to be effective, the hair pigment must be darker than the surrounding skin pigment. If this is not the case, the treatment will not work and may have harmful complications. Additionally very darkly pigmented people absorb too much laser energy in their skin and are not ideal candidates. Tanned patients with light hair are not candidates either. Light skin makes laser hair removal easier to perform.It's time to put to the test the heat resistant ability of these wigs! Take a strand ,about 10 to 15 cm ( 4-6 inches) (i you have longer strands cut them accordingly) , and fold them repeatedly so that you have a nice hank of hair. Our wefts are almost ready! Turn the blow dryer on and carefully place it on a surface that can stay put, aiming horizontally. Wrap the hair around a wooden or metal stick holding the beginning with your one hand and the end of the hair with your other hand. Bring it in front of the blow dryer, letting the hot air do all the work. A few seconds and you'll have nice wavy hair, longer and you'll make curly hair. Mind not to burn your fingers!

Full Lace Front Wigs
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