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It gives the wearer the confidence to mix freely with people without being conscious about the condition. Thus, for both old and young, a human hair wig is perhaps the best possible option. Firstly, the hair extensions made from real human hair last really long if they are taken good care of. Secondly, hair stylizing, a very common fascination among the younger generation can be practiced on these wigs at a moderate level, without damaging the hair strands. Users do not need to worry about the health of their hair while spending long hours standing by barbecue ovens and fireplaces. These human hair wigs also look very natural when donned overhead. Since they are made of original human hair and are weaved with precision they have a natural look about them. Onlookers have very less chance of making out unless they scrutinize closely.There are various factors that can cause a receding hairline. DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) is a major factor that can cause this condition. Other factors can include poor nutrition, substance abuse, exposure to toxic substances or radiation, hormonal imbalances and stress. DHT is a male sexual hormone and develops during puberty and when overproduced it leads to hair loss. DHT is caused when there is a combination of enzyme 5-alpha reductase and testosterone. In some men, it is naturally slowed down while in others it is overproduced. DHT clogs and blocks the blood to flow to the hair follicles, starving it and eventually causing it to fall out.

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