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Believe it or not, the heat from the warm towel causes hair cuticles to open, providing beautiful hair allowing the conditioning agents in the honey and olive oil to penetrate and fortify each strand. The result Beautiful hair with sheen and shine, without a trip or expenses to the salon.Not only does honey provide a source of ingredients for beautiful hair, it can actually naturally zap bad breath in seconds. On a morning when you're flying through your get-ready routine faster than ever --- until you find out you're out of mouthwash, simply mix 1 teaspoon of honey with 1 cup of warm water, gargle for 30 seconds, and rinse. It's actually been proven the nectar's antiseptic agents eliminate the plaque causing bacteria that are to blame for less than fresh breath.If you do need to use heated iron rod to straighten your hair, includes some moisturizing hair products. These keep the hair from being too dry and brittle. Almond and virgin coconut oil are good in maintaining soft lustrous locks. Therefore, use them regularly if you tend to dry out your hair. This hair oil is also excellent in hair growth. Apply some almond or coconut oil to your hair and wrapped it with a warm towel. Leave it for an hour or so and wash as usual. Your hair will be smoother and silkier. Regular use will make your hair stronger.Trim your hair at least once in every two months. These regular trimming are to remove split ends or breakage that can affect the rest of your hair. This will help your hair to grow stronger and thicker from the roots. Use a good brush when you comb your hair. It would be better to find something that can massage your scalp too.

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