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Its understandable for men to worry about their hair loss. They may wonder when is it going to occur and how noticeable is it going to be? Male hair loss isnt necessarily hereditary. It can occur from certain medications, diseases, thyroid problems, over processing while using chemicals on your hair, and also lack of stimulation. Hair loss in men can be prevented or the process can actually be slowed down. The use of conditioners and shampoos that are medicated are designed to help with hair loss or make the process, less noticeable. A little research on hair loss can give greater details. Aging is not always the true fact when it comes to hair loss in men. Hair loss, to some degree, is experienced by younger men or at an earlier age. Hair loss can occur as early as the teens but tests done on hair loss show's the higher numbers are for men in their 20's. This situation would be difficult to deal with due to the embarrassment but there are ways to delay the hair loss process and prevent, not only the loss or thinning hair, but also the embarrassment associated with the situation at an age so early in life.Consider oil treatment: There are a wide variety of essential oils readily available in stores. The traditional coconut oil, jojoba oil and olive oil, are the best bet this season. Massage your scalp with lukewarm oil to derive maximum benefits.Stay cool: Hot showers should be avoided. The least you want your hair to go though is a hot water shower after exposure to the scorching sun. A cool water rinse will help your hair retain its natural shimmer.Shampoo right: Use mild shampoos that moisturize your hair as well. Do not over shampoo your hair. Let your hair absorb the natural oils.Condition: Remember to use conditioner after you shampoo your hair. Dry your hair with towel (instead of blow dryer) and apply a leave-in conditioner evenly on your tresses. Preferably, opt for a leave-in conditional that comes with natural ingredients. Regular deep conditioning in summer season is bliss.Say no to electric appliances: Avoid using hairdryers, rollers and curling irons. Let the hair dry and set naturally.Forget experimentation: Do not experiment too much with your hair.

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