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What do studies show? There are numerous studies that have been conducted about possible hair loss solutions. In a nutshell, here is what current hair loss research has to say about treating hair loss:Androgenetic Alopecia Factor - There are different kinds of hair loss but the most common is androgenetic alopecia in which genes and hormones cause hair loss. In this condition, hair loss can be medically treated by taking medicine that can stimulate hair growth or one that can block the hormone that causes hair loss. There is one of each kind of medicine. Both are FDA approved but only one of them can be safely used by females.Surgery for Hair Loss Treatment - The other medical method borne out of hair loss research that can treat hair loss is surgery.As mentioned earlier, you should be careful about the selection of a reliable dealer, so that you will not get fake products. Some of these dealers would have shown the pictures of their users on their website and carefully look at those pictures to find whether they are reliable and dependable. Some of these dealers, sell do-it-yourself extensions and opting for this type of product will be more safer as compared to opting for one that can be fixed only with the help of a spa. In short, the attachment should be easy to do, so that you can attach them to your original hair as and when needed.Remy hair extensions have the ability to instantly change your look and they can make you feel glamorous and younger too. This product is specially meant for women, who wish to have a longer hair and love to show off new styles every day in such a way that people passing by, can look at them.

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