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All the Hollywood stars have hair extensions installed, giving them a quick boost in length and volume. Because all the stars have them, they are quickly becoming the next fad for people to follow, hair extensions are becoming big business because everyone is following the trend. What most people do not realize is that getting them put in should not be taken lightly; very careful consideration should be taken when deciding to get hair extensions put in. You should first decide whether they are the right thing for you.Hair Removal Products - What can be your optionHuman body hair consists of the fine hair present on the body before puberty hair and the terminal hair. While the fine hair present on the body before puberty is soft and short, Terminal hair tends to be longer, darker and coarser. During puberty the rising level of androgens cause some fine hair to transform into terminal hair, most often in areas such as the under arms, genital areas, legs, and forearms. In men, terminal hair can grow on the face, back, chest, and shoulders also. Women are generally concerned with removing hair from the eyebrows, armpits, hands, legs, and the bikini area while men concentrate on hair removal from the face, shoulders, chest and back.In order to achieve effective hair removal a variety of products are used. They are: Electrolysis machine: This permanent hair removal method uses electricity.

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