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Many African American women are finding themselves unhappy with the overall length and health of their hair. This usually results in them feeling forced to wear weaves and wigs. However, many women have decided to take a stand and embark on a hair to lengthen and strengthen their hair. This is a comprehensive guide to everything you need to know on your hair journey. If you truly serious about retaining length, use this guide as your hair bible and your are sure to attain success.Thyroid disorders.Of all the types of hair losses most commonly seen Hair loss is Androgenic or Androgenetic Hair loss. So let us know a bit more about it.The name of this hair loss pattern very well shows that this type of hair loss is linked to genetics and hormones. It was earlier thought that this type of hair loss is only seen in males but later on it was discovered that even females suffer from this type on hair loss. It was thought to be only prevalent in males as the effects of this type of hair loss are very much pronounced in males as compared to females. It is very unfortunate that in spite of lot ongoing research on this type of hair loss, its cause is yet unknown. In androgenetic hair loss if man does not become totally bald. There are features of hair thinning seen in his scalp, over a period of time. Here the hair unlike the hair falling off in telogen phase, rather than that there is no new hair growth leading to thinning of hair. Frequently heard misconceptions:*It is frequently thought of that individuals with longer hair have more hair loss.

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