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Hair transplantation India has been proven to be one of the best hair loss treatments.Common Reasons for Hair LossIt has been observed that men are more likely to lose hair than woman, which is usually caused due to common male pattern baldness or androgenetic alopecia. Other common reasons for hair loss includes vitamin deficiency, mineral deficiency, medications, stress, pollution, scalp inflammation or injury to the scalp, accidents leaving permanent hair loss on many areas, certain inflammatory diseases and genetics. It has also been noticed that wearing helmets and caps also contribute to hair loss. What is Hair transplantation IndiaHair transplantation is a cosmetic surgery undertaken to harvest extra hair on bald scalp. It usually involves taking a narrow strip of hair from the back of the head and utilizing it for filling up the area with thin hair or no hair at all." Conversely, in the case of hair systems custom-created for men, Edward Katz of Edward Katz International Hair Design, Los Angeles, who, along with a staff of 40, custom-creates hair systems on-site, explains that synthetic hair is the optimum choice for men because the color never oxidizes and the hairstyle retains its exact shape through swimming and other activities, combing and washing and can be duplicated exactly every time you need a replacement system. The cap type and tone: Caps made from the finest French lace allow for the best hand-tying and customization of hairpieces at the hairline, along with the most comfortable, lightweight, breathable, natural look. There are also monofilament machine-made caps that are see-through to the scalp so that no matter which way the hair is parted, the scalp looks natural.

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