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To conclude, we can say that the virtual world and changing fashion trends are order of the day; still there is no doubt that lace wigs are here to stay for a long time. What needs to be understood is that the factor that makes the celebs intriguing is their innate ability to stir the curiosity of their fans/media while empowering the world through the styles they adopt. So, next time you spot a trendy hairdo make sure you know which celeb you've followed for you may be the next.Hair is lost during chemotherapy as a response to the chemotherapy drugs. The drugs attack the cancer cells but unfortunately, they also cause an attack against the hair follicle cells as well. About three weeks into the chemotherapy is when the hair loss is likely to begin. At this point, it is difficult to predict if the hair will suddenly and quickly fall out in clumps or if it will be a gradual shedding of hair over time. In any case, the hair is likely to fall out until some time after the chemotherapy has ended.

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