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The girl presenting this video shows you how to straighten really frizzy, wavy or curly hair. She first shows you how frizzy and curly her hair is. Then to straighten it, first you need to take the middle section of the hair and tie it up so that you can first work on the side hair. Then you should comb the hair on the sides to get rid of the knots and make them free. Then she asks you to have your hair blown with spray, she uses a biolage matrix shine renewal spray. Then she takes a small cluster of hair and uses the flat iron and comb on it alternately to straighten it. You should continue.Many of us may have experienced dry and hard to manage hair. Indeed, having dry hair is one of the common problems we have with hair, and how we envy those soft, silky hair others have.Most often, our dry hair results from the many things we do to our hair. The more we try to have that beautiful hair by trying so many products and chemicals; we tend to damage the natural shine and moisture of our hair.If you are tired of the many chemicals you put into your hair, or you want to rest your hair and find natural treatments instead, here are some tips on how to care for dry hair and bring life to that dry, dull hair.- Eat healthy. This is probably the best thing you can do to bring back life to your hair. Hair is dry because there is not enough sebum produced in hair follicles.

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