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Each of these types of hair loss is caused by genetics or some kind of disorder, such as a medical condition. The biggest difference between these types of hair loss is how the hair is lost. With female pattern hair loss, the crown and vertex are of the head suffer thinning or even hair loss. Traction alopecia, which is the most popular type of hair loss, causes thinning hair or hair loss because of the hair itself breaking. Alopecia Areata doesn’t just cause thinning hair; it actually causes bald spots to develop all throughout the hair. Telogen effluvium causes hair loss all over the head, but it usually starts in a certain place and spreads out from there.Hair Loss CausesWhile there are numerous hair loss causes the most common one is hair breakage. Hair breakage occurs for a variety of reasons, but overusing heated styling tools, wearing the hair pulled back too tight, and chemical treatments are the most common reasons for hair breakage. Luckily, any hair loss from traction alopecia can be reversed, but it has to be caught early enough.Choosing the best hair straightener is difficult especially with the wide array of choices available today. It is not good to gamble on cheap buys because they will damage your hair if use frequently. However, you cannot just pick a hair straightener just because they are expensive. If you are looking for the best deal, pick one of the ceramic hair straighteners. This is a good pick because of several advantages. Here are five of them: 1. The heat is evenly distributed. When using this device, you will not worry the heat scorches your hair in some parts while the other portion are not getting enough. Heat is the same all across the plate and you do not need to run the tool through your hair many times. 2. They lock in moisture. As you use the tool on the hair, you will notice that it leaves a soothing, relaxing result. This happens because the device releases negative charges that cancels the positive charges of the hair. These positive charges cause the hair to dry. When cancelled, hair moisture remains in the hair leaving it with a healthy shine. 3. They heat and cool easily.

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