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The great thing about drugs like this is that it is very effective in preventing and reversing the effects of pattern baldness. You need to remember that most kind of hair loss occurs when there are too much DHT in the body. The DHT is the byproduct of testosterone which explains why men are more prone to hair loss.The DHT is mainly responsible for stopping the hair follicles from producing healthy and thick hair up to the point that the hair follicles don't produce hair anymore. What most products will do is that it will inhibit the DHT in order for the hair follicles to grow hair once again. The downside of this product is that you need to take it frequently in order for you to keep your hair from falling off.There are also topical products that you can apply directly on your scalp which can also prevent hair loss by inhibiting the DHT.Also, herbal supplements are very popular among many people who is experiencing hair loss because some herbs have been found to naturally inhibit DHT.Contrary to popular opinion, hair loss can be a problem for both sexes and for people of almost any age. Hair transplants have been performed on men and women from 17 to 90 years old. For the procedure to be performed, some remaining hair is necessary, but that's rarely a problem, as very few people are completely bald. All types of hair loss except one (alopecia areata) respond well to transplant surgery. People with that disorder (an autoimmune disease) can find help through cortisone injections. 3. Q. Does hair replacement surgery hurt or cause scarringA. There is no pain during surgery and no scarring on the top of the scalp afterwards when the operation is performed by a qualified, experienced physician. A patient has little to no down time and can return to work the following day. One's choice of physician is very important here. If a surgeon is poorly trained or uses outdated procedures, it can cause pain, scarring, "doll's head hair" (where hair grows out of little holes in clusters) and other unfortunate consequences. 4. Q. Do hair transplants produce natural-looking hairA.

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